Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage String Holder -Red Cap Porter

I have always loved the old string holders.  Back before the use and availability of tape, string was used in businesses, homes, and elsewhere. Patents for early cast iron string holders date back to the 1860's. During the Great Depression chalkware holders started showing up at the Dime Stores and were very popular.  In the 1940's most homes had a string holder.  Cartoon characters, celebrities, animals, and especially black maids and children.

I have always wanted to find one for my shop, and I finally I did.  Yesterday morning at the Market there it was, laying on a table but a woman was standing in front of it.  I could see it was interesting, but I couldn't get to it.  I was worried the woman had purchased it, so I just hung around, she finally moved and I picked it up.  Yes, there was a hole in the mouth, and even written on the back 1946. So I asked the price, very reasonable. I returned home with my find and researched on the web, yes it definately is a true string holder!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unusual Teapot -No Opening

I love buying unusual things, but I didn't realize this was one until after I got it home.  I think it's a sweet little pot, has some age and wear to it, but a nice design, came with three small cups. But it has no lid, or opening, other than the spout. I didn't even notice this when I bought it.  I was cleaning it up a bit, and taking the cork out of the spout, then I thought -where is the lid?
 Actually I don't even know if it is a teapot.  I have looked and looked online, but it's hard to research -teapot with no lid.  You get teapots that have lost their lids.  I even tried teapot, no access, didn't help.  I have sent a couple of emails out so I'll see if I can get some help there.  If anyone has any information or ideas, I would certainly appreciate them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Franciscan Fine China -Silver Pine

I found this beautiful china at an antique sale a few weeks ago.  As with all of my items I did some research to find out the history.  The Gladding, McBean & Co., started out in 1875 making sewer tile . Thru the years they acquired several potteries and expanded their lines, located in California.  Originally the dinnerware was sold as Franciscan Pottery and consisted of bright earthenware in the Mexican folk style.  The name was associated with the Franciscan monks.  In the late 1930's the name was changed to Franciscan Ware for a more upscale image. The Fine China line was introduced in 1942.  This changed to Franciscan Masterpiece China after 1958 and production continued in the United States until 1978.  

These dishes have a light turquoise background with a pine needle and  white pine cone design.  The turquoise goes well with the creamy white and silver detail.  I have started listing several of these in my online shop and have more to list  -see
I think they would make a wonderful table setting for Christmas!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Addition To The Family - Jack!

We live in the country, with a long driveway off the road so we're a little secluded.  We have always had dogs, they are our ears when something is going on, and we love them dearly.  Our Odie is getting on in age, his hips are giving him problems, his hearing isn't as good as it should be.  We've been thinking for some time about getting another dog, or puppy.  It's just a major step in a lot of ways. One of my son's friends came to visit yesterday with a new puppy he got.  A sweet little girl, white with black spots.  She was half beagle and half black lab. the end we have one of her brothers.  I didn't think Tyler was going to bring him home until today, but I saw a light under his door this morning, and went in to turn it off, there was a box in the floor by his bed with a cute little puppy in it.  So, now we have a new addition to the older dog, two cats and rabbit!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Reunion Number 1

We had a reunion this weekend for my father's side of the family.  This was the first of I hope to be many.  On my mom's side we have had one most every year for the last 10 years. It's usually a good turn out.  There were six children in my mom's family.  Not quite as big of a turnout as we had Saturday, there were 11 children in my father's family, there is now only one.  My Aunt Beulah is the last of those children.  She and her husband came as well as all of my cousins except one.  So with all of the  spouses and children, we totaled around 45.  I think that is a pretty good group for the first one. There was plenty of good food, and many, "it's been awhile".  I love getting together with family, it really means a lot to me and I am thankful we finally did it!