Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Addition To The Family - Jack!

We live in the country, with a long driveway off the road so we're a little secluded.  We have always had dogs, they are our ears when something is going on, and we love them dearly.  Our Odie is getting on in age, his hips are giving him problems, his hearing isn't as good as it should be.  We've been thinking for some time about getting another dog, or puppy.  It's just a major step in a lot of ways. One of my son's friends came to visit yesterday with a new puppy he got.  A sweet little girl, white with black spots.  She was half beagle and half black lab. the end we have one of her brothers.  I didn't think Tyler was going to bring him home until today, but I saw a light under his door this morning, and went in to turn it off, there was a box in the floor by his bed with a cute little puppy in it.  So, now we have a new addition to the older dog, two cats and rabbit!

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