Thursday, January 27, 2011

Selling My Crown Devon Stockholm Dishes

I found these beautiful dishes in a local antique shop.  I went back several times looking and longing.  So, I eventually went back and purchased them, (I have previously written about them).  But, I have decided, after much deliberation to put them up for sale.  I think I love them so much, I am afraid to use them.  What if someone broke one?  And company usually likes to help clean up after eating, I wouldn't want to get in a fight with someone for breaking my dishes.  So, I have decided to part with them and add to my Fiestaware collection. I love my Fiestaware, mixing the colors, so many choices.  I am listing the Stockholm in my Web Store this week, if you are interested take a peek.
Available here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unusual Find -Turkish Hamam Soap Case

I went to an estate sale back in November.  It was the home of an elderly couple, and there were many wonderful antiques.  I was standing in line to pay for my things and the woman in front of me picked up this item, I had noticed it before, but I had no idea what it was.  She asked someone working there and they thought it was for a particular kind of pudding.  She thought about that for a few minutes, but questioned it due to the holes in the bottom.  I said to her if she was not interested in it I would like to have it.  So in the end I got it, and wondered, what have I got?  I showed it to my Mom, she had no idea.  I researched online, thank goodness for the internet.  It did take some time, actually that is where I spend a lot of my time -research.  But, it had nothing to do with pudding, or even the kitchen, it is a Turkish Soap Case.  I guess if you are going to the trouble to visit a public bath, you must go in style.  These cases were used to carry your soap, a coarse mitt, and webbing of date-palm or other fibers for lathering.  The holes in the bottom are for the water to drain.  So, now I know what I have, still not sure about the age, but it looks very old.

Now available in my shop

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deciding Whether To Neuter Jack

Believe it or not, I have been lying awake at night worrying about taking Jack to the vet to be neutered.  He has become like a third child to us and the thought of leaving him there overnight, and the operation, have really been worrying me.  So in despair I googled "should I neuter my dog".  I was very surprised at what I found.  When I was growing up -you didn't worry about neutering.  But it has now become the proper thing, and I understand why.  There are too many animals being put to sleep by animal shelters, I understand that.  We were found by a stray female cat, the first thing I did was take her to be spayed.  But in looking up information about neutering, I am finding different stories.  If done before 1 year it increases the risk of bone cancer. Having the procedure done causes a higher risk of hypothyroidism, and it increases the risk of othopedic disorders and adverse reactions to vaccinations, and many other things that I knew nothing about.  So, if Jack was to be a dog out roaming the neighborhood, I would have him neutered.  But we live in the country, and we have not been letting him roam, and don't intend to, so I think we will hold off on the neutering. 
Have you heard of any of this information, and based your decision on it?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

I was planning to go to the flea market today but the weather was damp and dreary.  I knew there was plenty at home to keep me busy so I decided to pull out some items that have been sitting around and get them listed.  I have some glassware that I have held back because I was not sure of the age.  That's a nice thing about having my own website, on etsy vintage items need to be twenty years old, on my website I can list what I like. 

I have had these nice small glasses with a Dove etched on the side. I think of wedding when I see them. I have tried to find information, but they have no marks.

I love these small cups, they are espresso Demi cups, made by Bormioli, Vitrosax Italy.  I have had them for some time but not sure of the age.

And last, this wonderful vase.  It is a very thick glass with a beautiful neck and round body.  Not sure of the maker or any other information.  One of the items I have had a hard time deciding whether to keep or sell.