Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage String Holder -Red Cap Porter

I have always loved the old string holders.  Back before the use and availability of tape, string was used in businesses, homes, and elsewhere. Patents for early cast iron string holders date back to the 1860's. During the Great Depression chalkware holders started showing up at the Dime Stores and were very popular.  In the 1940's most homes had a string holder.  Cartoon characters, celebrities, animals, and especially black maids and children.

I have always wanted to find one for my shop, and I finally I did.  Yesterday morning at the Market there it was, laying on a table but a woman was standing in front of it.  I could see it was interesting, but I couldn't get to it.  I was worried the woman had purchased it, so I just hung around, she finally moved and I picked it up.  Yes, there was a hole in the mouth, and even written on the back 1946. So I asked the price, very reasonable. I returned home with my find and researched on the web, yes it definately is a true string holder!

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