Monday, May 31, 2010

Gosling Updates

I went over this morning to take some pictures, but they were napping.

So I went back this evening, they don't like me coming around, they started heading for the pond right away.

Trying to take pictures while they were on the move!

Back into the pond they went.  They are really growing but I guess they are not ready for flying yet.  They are nice to watch, but they do make a major mess...

Let's Not Forget

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Digital Art Collage

I think the reason I love the digital collage is -I don't have to worry about messing something up and not being able to use it again. I can move things around, take them completely off, replicate them, whatever I want and I haven't damaged anything.  I have a bad habit of buying supplies for art, and then not using them, because I am afraid something won't turn out well and things will be wasted.  I realize that is not a good state of mind, but I have come to the conclusion, that is my problem.  So, with digital, I can manipulate to my hearts content.

My latest creation, not quite sure about the spine of the book, still working on it.

It was really bothering me so I changed the spine.  I used the lasso tool in photoshop elements and "borrowed" the spine off of an old book I had taken a picture of.  I think this one looks much better!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banana Curls

One of my favorite pictures!

Monday, May 24, 2010

When The Children Are Gone -Leaving The Nest

I am wondering what life will be like with no children at home.  My oldest is now 27 -he went into the military at 19, drove to Alaska when he was 20. I was not ready for that.  I figured I would have to kick him out  -I was going to give him until he was 25.  My youngest will be 20 in July, he tells me he is not going anywhere, he likes this house and he will just stay here until we keel over and he will take over the house.  I don't know about that, I have plans for his room.  He has the only other TV outlet for satellite so I intend to make his room, my TV room.  If I plan it right, he should move out about the time my hub retires, then I will need my own TV, I can tell. But, I think I have a few years to mull over it.

Fair Is Fair -(they grow up fast!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

See I Have To Ask These Critique Questions -Honest

I printed my digital picture shown below and showed it to my husband -I can't really tell you what the response was -not much of one at all, maybe a couple of grunts.  Now if there was a tractor in the middle of the picture -I would hear about it.  So....then I took it to my son, usually I can show him things and get his opinion -this didn't do much for him.  I think you have to like vintage in order to appreciate it, or maybe it just stinks -that is why I ask you for any opinion you would like to leave  -I will not be offended!

Critiques Please - Any Comments Appreciated

I love the look of digital art, and I am trying to work on my Photoshop Elements skills  So I have been scanning all kinds of paper items into my computer, trying to keep them organized.  Now I am starting to mess around a bit with different images.  I would really like to know  -does this say anything to you, too much, not enough?  What do you honestly think.

It Has Begun.... But Don't Tell Anyone

I told myself I was not going to do it.  But over the last six months or so,  they are creeping in.  Yes, I have a live rabbit, and suddenly I find myself bringing home various rabbits.  Not every rabbit I see comes home with me, it has to have a certain appeal, what -I don't know.

I found this sweet fella at an estate sale, his coat is a little dirty but I think that made him more like Peter Rabbit, I just love his chubby legs. He has a porcelain head, paws and feet, he's made by the Frederick Warne Co.  ( I made the other rabbit years ago using clay on a mold).

I just found this one last week end at a tag sale, he's made in Italy.  I'm trying to find more info., no luck yet, he stands just over 12 inches tall.

I found him in the basement of an antique shop, he started it all.

I found this beautiful rabbit at the flea market.  It is made by a Native American Potter -Caroline Lucario.  I just love the color and design! He sits in my kitchen window to brighten things up.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Entertaining Pets - The Cat Pulled From The Hat

We share our house with a rabbit, Clover - suppose to be my sons, and a tortoiseshell cat, Milly.  In the beginning when I let Clover out for exercise, I didn't worry about Milly being in the room.  She would usually find a place to perch and just watch Clover.  After awhile Milly started getting this look in her eye that worried me, and they started chasing each other.  So I now shut Milly in another room when Clover is loose.  Occasionally strange things happen.  The other morning, I had let Clover out, she was running around and she disappeared under the hassock -is has flaps that reach the floor so it is a great hiding place.  Then, right after the rabbit went in -presto - a cat came out.  It was so funny, I laughed and laughed. O.K., so maybe you had to be here.  I do love to be entertained by my pets, sometimes they are the highlight of my day.

Didn't I hear the dinner bell?

Catnip high!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old Letters And Writings

I love collecting old letters and written pieces.  Reading the contents of the letters and looking into the lives of people so long ago.  We don't realize how communication was so many years ago, many did not have telephones in their home, so writing a letter was the only way to communicate over long distances -and now we carry our phones around with us.  Travel was not easy, so many letters speak of wishes of visits and how much they miss their loved ones.

A letter from West Virginia, 1946  -at the end, "drove thru the mining section today, never saw as many dirty children before".

These are letters from relatives to a little boy, they came from his baby album, even though he is too young to read, they are writing to him as if he can.

1910, My Dear Brother, hope these few lines will find you well, how I would like to see you, and she goes on to answer questions he has asked.

I found this wonderful old autograph album this weekend, notes from the 30's and 40's.

I think some signed their initials using  numbers for the letters of the alphabet.

Dearest "Winky",  Always remember the good as well as the bad, at Glade Hill Hi, 1934.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gosling Update -They're Growing Fast!

I took some new pictures of the babies Sunday afternoon.  They have really grown since the first pictures.  I've been meaning to get out to take some more pictures, but I've had so much to catch up on.  I got sick the night of Mother's Day, held it together long enough Monday to take  my mother-in-law to her eye appointment (an hour and a half drive each way).  When I got home Monday afternoon, I felt like I had been run over by a truck, and had an upset stomach.  I never got sick again, I would just feel nauseous every time I stood up, absolutely no energy, and aching all over.  I still think it was the fried chicken from KFC. This lasted until Thursday, I started feeling better, and have slowly recovered.  So now I am working to catch up on all the things I was behind in already. Oh well, I guess it's better than having nothing to do...........

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Have Been Out Of Commission This Week

I think it was possibly food poisoning, as in bad chicken.  But I am finally feeling better, not perfect, but much better.  So I am now trying to catch up ---  may take a little while.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Cloth Doll Couture -A Wonderful Book For Making Cloth Dolls -By Patti Medaris Culea

This is a wonderful book if you ever get the notion to try and make your own cloth doll. I have used it and the instructions are well written and easy to follow.  There are many different styles of dolls, and the patterns are very easy to work with. The patterns include clothes for the dolls.  You can easily alter certain characteristics to suit yourself.

I have altered the face of this doll to give it a nose.  I was thinking of making a Santa Claus doll.  I have left the hands in the shape of mittens instead of giving it fingers.  I did find that if I wanted the doll to sit, I needed some weight to it.  I used rice to stuff the lower half of the torso, and the thighs of the legs.  This gives the added weight, to allow the doll to sit.  A long needle works very well for attaching the limbs to the torso. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Research Project -Identifying English Silver Hallmarks

I found this lovely item this weekend.  Actually I didn't notice it had the hallmarks on it until I checked it out at home. I was so excited!  It's the first piece I have found with the silver hallmarks, don't really know if they are English or not.  It's just something that I have always wanted.  I think this box is just beautiful, a chrysanthemum shaped flower on the top, with small decorations around the sides.  The marks on the bottom are very faint, and I'm not having much luck so far in my research.  Researching a piece is very time consuming, you always seem to find that piece that you just can't find any information on.
I think I might just have to hang on to this for awhile!

History -An Old Index From A Cabinet Photo Album

I have been saving this small piece of paper, just looking at it makes me wish I knew who these people were.  This came from an old album of small cabinet photos.  There weren't many pictures in it and they didn't seem to match up with the index.  I think it would make a wonderful addition to some type of digital art, I hope to try it out soon.
Some of the last names seem to be - Elsessar, Stumpf, Meyer, Crase, Kaiser, Fruehauf, Shuster, and quite a few I cannot make out.
A wonderful piece of history.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Babies -Goslings

We have a small pond on our property.  Lately we have noticed two geese hanging around.  I don't encourage the geese to stay because I know they are not good for the garden, they pull small plants up -and eat them. On Friday my husband informed me that we have new babies - five cute little goslings.  We both love animals, so I guess we'll just have to get along.  In these first two pictures, they are thinning some wild game seed he just recently planted.

They are so cute! But such big feet!

They decided they didn't like me getting too close.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Was The Purpose For A Hair Receiver ?

I found this beautiful hair receiver today at an Estate Sale.  I think it is Japanese and I believe it is hand painted.  I was telling my mom of my finds, and she asked me  "why did the women save their hair"?.  So I decided to find out, exactly what did they do with all the hair they saved.  What I found out was hair was used for many things.  Before pictures were being taken, they used hair as a keepsake of a loved one still alive or deceased.  They made jewelry using hair, these could be earrings, necklaces, brooches, or watch chains woven from hair. After the Civil War artwork was made, using different colors,  including pictures and mosaics. Added to these were ribbons, butterflies, and  dried flowers.  How to books were even written.  In the early 1800's hair was stored in cloth bags, in the later 1800's hair receivers were designed to specifically hold hair.  Hair was also used to make hair "rats".  These were pieces made to position against the scalp, hair was then teased and combed over the rat to create a more voluminous look.  And to think women go to a lot of trouble now with their appearance!