Monday, October 11, 2010

Franciscan Fine China -Silver Pine

I found this beautiful china at an antique sale a few weeks ago.  As with all of my items I did some research to find out the history.  The Gladding, McBean & Co., started out in 1875 making sewer tile . Thru the years they acquired several potteries and expanded their lines, located in California.  Originally the dinnerware was sold as Franciscan Pottery and consisted of bright earthenware in the Mexican folk style.  The name was associated with the Franciscan monks.  In the late 1930's the name was changed to Franciscan Ware for a more upscale image. The Fine China line was introduced in 1942.  This changed to Franciscan Masterpiece China after 1958 and production continued in the United States until 1978.  

These dishes have a light turquoise background with a pine needle and  white pine cone design.  The turquoise goes well with the creamy white and silver detail.  I have started listing several of these in my online shop and have more to list  -see
I think they would make a wonderful table setting for Christmas!

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