Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Would You Pay Your Child To "Hit" The Ball?

I was reminiscing this morning about when the boys were younger.  We have been living on this property for 21 years now.  The first ten years seemed to go by much slower than these last ten have.  My youngest will be 21 next month, time is flying by.  But, I was thinking about when they played sports, my oldest played baseball, the youngest soccer.  When Tom was playing baseball, during a game, he just would not swing at the ball.  I knew he could hit good, because we practiced at home.  He would get up to bat and look at the coach.  I finally asked him, why do you keep looking at the coach?  He said, to see if he gives me a signal.  I asked, does he ever give you a signal, no, was the reply.  So... I took matters into my own hands, I offered him $10.00 for every ball he would hit during a game.  Of course, his first time up, he hit the ball -Tom liked money.  (He was willing to wash dishes every night for $5.00 a week.  At the time that was probably a good allowance, but it meant a lot to me to have a dish washer.)  I had to cut him off after the second game, I couldn't afford him, and he understood.  But he did continue to do well, and he kept on hitting the ball!  I wouldn't pay my children to make good grades but to get him to realize what he could do I think it was worth it.

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