Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

I was planning to go to the flea market today but the weather was damp and dreary.  I knew there was plenty at home to keep me busy so I decided to pull out some items that have been sitting around and get them listed.  I have some glassware that I have held back because I was not sure of the age.  That's a nice thing about having my own website, on etsy vintage items need to be twenty years old, on my website I can list what I like. 

I have had these nice small glasses with a Dove etched on the side. I think of wedding when I see them. I have tried to find information, but they have no marks.

I love these small cups, they are espresso Demi cups, made by Bormioli, Vitrosax Italy.  I have had them for some time but not sure of the age.

And last, this wonderful vase.  It is a very thick glass with a beautiful neck and round body.  Not sure of the maker or any other information.  One of the items I have had a hard time deciding whether to keep or sell.

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