Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deciding Whether To Neuter Jack

Believe it or not, I have been lying awake at night worrying about taking Jack to the vet to be neutered.  He has become like a third child to us and the thought of leaving him there overnight, and the operation, have really been worrying me.  So in despair I googled "should I neuter my dog".  I was very surprised at what I found.  When I was growing up -you didn't worry about neutering.  But it has now become the proper thing, and I understand why.  There are too many animals being put to sleep by animal shelters, I understand that.  We were found by a stray female cat, the first thing I did was take her to be spayed.  But in looking up information about neutering, I am finding different stories.  If done before 1 year it increases the risk of bone cancer. Having the procedure done causes a higher risk of hypothyroidism, and it increases the risk of othopedic disorders and adverse reactions to vaccinations, and many other things that I knew nothing about.  So, if Jack was to be a dog out roaming the neighborhood, I would have him neutered.  But we live in the country, and we have not been letting him roam, and don't intend to, so I think we will hold off on the neutering. 
Have you heard of any of this information, and based your decision on it?

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  1. Love your Blog,Jack is so cute, we have a black lab as well,Jena.They are so smart,Jena plays Volly ball and so many other things, helps me with laundry.Well I could go and on, but love the site, very nice.I have a passion for Antiques as well, just the History hooks me.:)