Friday, June 4, 2010

My Weapon Of Choice - The Lone Weeder

I borrowed this tool years ago from my husband.  Yes, it is an expensive snap-on tool, it is a pry bar, that came in a set.  And yes, he really would like to have it back, sometimes he needs it.  But, I like it.  It is a perfect weeder. It is perfect for sliding right down beside a nasty weed and "prying " it up.  See, it is being used properly. It is also the best for weeding between the stones on my back patio -which I am thinking about cementing since this weeding business needs to be done several times a year, and I am the lone weeder. 

Unfortunately my other wants his pry bar back - he even bought me a replacement, you can see for yourself that it is inferior, that bend at the end is just not going to work as well.  But, I guess he doesn't need his bar too bad, I still have it!

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