Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Couldn't Resist -I Bought A Kindle

I decided that sitting in a plane for eleven hours was a good excuse for buying a Kindle.  I do love to read and reading while flying keeps my mind occupied - I start as soon as I get on the plane, keeps me from thinking "other thoughts". I thought it would be great to have all of my books in one, instead of carrying a bunch of paperbacks around.  I found this one on ebay for a decent price, came with the leather cover and cord as well.  The cord is for recharging or connecting to the computer.  You can download books from Amazon directly from the Kindle -if you have cell phone service.  I don't have cell phone service where I live, out in the country, so, you can also download to your computer, and transfer the books to the Kindle -works great.  There are several websites (as well as Amazon) that allow you to download older books for free.  Gutenberg.org  has many books -pre 1923 that are no longer copyright restricted, and archive.org  -to me, a book is a book, it doesn't have to be new.  I am currently reading Dracula, I know I have seen many of the movies, but I'm not sure if I have read it or not, I am enjoying it on the Kindle.  You can change the size of the font, turn the page by pressing the larger button on the right or left, it saves your place -when started the book you are currently reading comes up, if that is where you were when turned off.  Your list of books are on the home page.  Very easy to use and figure out -I didn't get any paperwork with it, but there is a Kindle User's Guide -don't know if that was already on it, I expect so.  There were several books already on the one that I purchased.  So far I am very pleased with it -hopefully it will help with my dislike of flying.  There are a few magazines and newspapers that are also available thru Amazon that you can subscribe to.

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