Friday, June 11, 2010

Couldn't Find The Geese.........

I went out with the camera yesterday morning intending to take pictures of the growing baby geese.  They don't look much like babies anymore, they are beginning to get their parents coloring.  But I couldn't find them, so I took a few pictures anyway.

This fella let me get extremely close...

You can see he wasn't worried about me at all.

I really love the oak leaf hydrangea.

And the daylilies.

The lotus leaves don't come out until it's really warm for awhile.

I made this shady spot last year with some flat stones we had left over. 
It's nice and private.

My sister has a curly willow in her yard, several years ago I took
some cuttings from it, they are very easy to root in water, I now have
three curly willow trees.

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