Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Babies -Goslings

We have a small pond on our property.  Lately we have noticed two geese hanging around.  I don't encourage the geese to stay because I know they are not good for the garden, they pull small plants up -and eat them. On Friday my husband informed me that we have new babies - five cute little goslings.  We both love animals, so I guess we'll just have to get along.  In these first two pictures, they are thinning some wild game seed he just recently planted.

They are so cute! But such big feet!

They decided they didn't like me getting too close.


  1. even if they weren't happy being photographed, you have managed to capture some great images!

  2. What a sweet little addition to your backyard, even if they are bad for the garden! Too sweet!

  3. awe! i love their little fuzzy yellow heads!

    found you on etsy forums, I hope you'll come visit me too!