Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old Letters And Writings

I love collecting old letters and written pieces.  Reading the contents of the letters and looking into the lives of people so long ago.  We don't realize how communication was so many years ago, many did not have telephones in their home, so writing a letter was the only way to communicate over long distances -and now we carry our phones around with us.  Travel was not easy, so many letters speak of wishes of visits and how much they miss their loved ones.

A letter from West Virginia, 1946  -at the end, "drove thru the mining section today, never saw as many dirty children before".

These are letters from relatives to a little boy, they came from his baby album, even though he is too young to read, they are writing to him as if he can.

1910, My Dear Brother, hope these few lines will find you well, how I would like to see you, and she goes on to answer questions he has asked.

I found this wonderful old autograph album this weekend, notes from the 30's and 40's.

I think some signed their initials using  numbers for the letters of the alphabet.

Dearest "Winky",  Always remember the good as well as the bad, at Glade Hill Hi, 1934.

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