Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Digital Art Collage

I think the reason I love the digital collage is -I don't have to worry about messing something up and not being able to use it again. I can move things around, take them completely off, replicate them, whatever I want and I haven't damaged anything.  I have a bad habit of buying supplies for art, and then not using them, because I am afraid something won't turn out well and things will be wasted.  I realize that is not a good state of mind, but I have come to the conclusion, that is my problem.  So, with digital, I can manipulate to my hearts content.

My latest creation, not quite sure about the spine of the book, still working on it.

It was really bothering me so I changed the spine.  I used the lasso tool in photoshop elements and "borrowed" the spine off of an old book I had taken a picture of.  I think this one looks much better!


  1. Cute image I like what you have done & I think the spine looks fine

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  2. This is beautiful.
    I agree with you that the spine do look a bit strange in place.
    But it is so magical otherwise!

  3. I love this ! Its beautiful and the spine looks great now!

  4. I think I like the spine in the reddish tint better. In fact, it looks more like the book lost the cover and all is left the inside of the spine.

    The brown spine curls around too much on the top. But what do I know? I am not very good at using photoshop. I am just happy to get my pictures cropped for listings. I have never made anything as adavanced as your piece! Great job!