Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Has Begun.... But Don't Tell Anyone

I told myself I was not going to do it.  But over the last six months or so,  they are creeping in.  Yes, I have a live rabbit, and suddenly I find myself bringing home various rabbits.  Not every rabbit I see comes home with me, it has to have a certain appeal, what -I don't know.

I found this sweet fella at an estate sale, his coat is a little dirty but I think that made him more like Peter Rabbit, I just love his chubby legs. He has a porcelain head, paws and feet, he's made by the Frederick Warne Co.  ( I made the other rabbit years ago using clay on a mold).

I just found this one last week end at a tag sale, he's made in Italy.  I'm trying to find more info., no luck yet, he stands just over 12 inches tall.

I found him in the basement of an antique shop, he started it all.

I found this beautiful rabbit at the flea market.  It is made by a Native American Potter -Caroline Lucario.  I just love the color and design! He sits in my kitchen window to brighten things up.

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