Friday, May 21, 2010

Entertaining Pets - The Cat Pulled From The Hat

We share our house with a rabbit, Clover - suppose to be my sons, and a tortoiseshell cat, Milly.  In the beginning when I let Clover out for exercise, I didn't worry about Milly being in the room.  She would usually find a place to perch and just watch Clover.  After awhile Milly started getting this look in her eye that worried me, and they started chasing each other.  So I now shut Milly in another room when Clover is loose.  Occasionally strange things happen.  The other morning, I had let Clover out, she was running around and she disappeared under the hassock -is has flaps that reach the floor so it is a great hiding place.  Then, right after the rabbit went in -presto - a cat came out.  It was so funny, I laughed and laughed. O.K., so maybe you had to be here.  I do love to be entertained by my pets, sometimes they are the highlight of my day.

Didn't I hear the dinner bell?

Catnip high!

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