Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Cloth Doll Couture -A Wonderful Book For Making Cloth Dolls -By Patti Medaris Culea

This is a wonderful book if you ever get the notion to try and make your own cloth doll. I have used it and the instructions are well written and easy to follow.  There are many different styles of dolls, and the patterns are very easy to work with. The patterns include clothes for the dolls.  You can easily alter certain characteristics to suit yourself.

I have altered the face of this doll to give it a nose.  I was thinking of making a Santa Claus doll.  I have left the hands in the shape of mittens instead of giving it fingers.  I did find that if I wanted the doll to sit, I needed some weight to it.  I used rice to stuff the lower half of the torso, and the thighs of the legs.  This gives the added weight, to allow the doll to sit.  A long needle works very well for attaching the limbs to the torso. 

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  1. Is it silly that I had no idea such books existed? It looks like a really good read, though! Thanks for sharing.