Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting Garden Plants

I'm a little late getting my garden started this year. I try to start the peppers and tomatoes early so they will have some size before time to plant. A few tomatoes are getting there.
The peppers are lagging behind. They are slower growing and like warm weather, so they will catch up when they are warmer. I have some basil coming up as well. It really hates cold weather so I do wait to plant it. My rabbit, Clover, loves basil, so I plant plenty for her!
I have several different melons planted, they are ready to go out, but we are still having some cool nights in the 30's.

I noticed yesterday, someone had been chewing holes in some of my plants. Upon further inspection I discovered -baby grasshoppers! I guess eggs had been planted in the pot of some plant I over wintered and they had hatched. Baby grasshoppers look just like their parents but in miniature, I tried to get a picture of one but my camera didn't cooperate.


  1. I love this blog! I may have some questions for you from time to time. Here's my first! What is considered too late to start tomatoes from seed? I live in zone 6.


  2. lavender, your zone is similiar to mine, last frost "supposed" to be end of this month, those larger tomatoes I show were started March 13th, they will need close to 3 months to produce, so it might be pushing it to start them now.