Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Beginning -Let Me Know Good Or Bad

I have been selling vintage items on etsy for over a year now. A lot of the items I find would be wonderful for certain artists, assemblage, collage, etc. Many of the items have made me think - I would love to do something with this. I have been messing with digital art as well, so, I am baring my soul -not really, but I have to start somewhere, and I need someone -other than my husband, whose biggest interest is tractors, and my youngest, a nineteen year old who is always on the go. Please honestly tell me what you think, needs something, too much, boring, any comment you want to make, I will accept gladly.

I had a thought that if a birds head was bent over enough, it would make nice wings behind a figure, so I gave her wings. I used an old book cover for the backing, and it had a nice spine, so I used that as well. A few paper embellishments, ink, button, and here we are!