Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do You Study Facial Features ?

I do, especially after my youngest son was born. I come from a thin lipped family, my husband has thin lips, but my son has very full lips. I have not yet figured out, where they come from. Frequently I study old family photos, looking for someone with full lips, haven't found them yet. I don't mention it to him, I don't want him wondering if I have lost my mind, (he already knows I have). He and my older son both have my father's eyes. One of my aunts always says, as long as my oldest son is alive, my father lives on -he favors him a lot. But I also look at features on other people, one is the area between the nose and mouth -the mustache area, take a mental survey, some people have a wide area -major mustache, some have a narrow space, thin mustache.
I have been saving these pictures, I hope to do an art project with them at some point, but they seem to have fuller lips, especially one in particular!

Are the men of today plumping their lips like women yet ?


  1. So who are the people in the photos? The men in them do seem kind of thick-lipped. I love your post and found it very interesting!

  2. I found these in an old soft leather photo album, along with a lot of young women in white. I will guess it was a sample album for a photographer, maybe?