Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short Haired Woman In Cabinet Photo

I don't normally find several cabinet photos that contain the same person, or people. Also, I have purchased many cabinet photos over the last year and this is the only woman I have found with short hair. She seems to be a proud young woman, I would just love to know her story. She seems to be from California, since Woodland California is where the photo gallery is located.

In this picture she does seem to have longer hair, and spit curls. I have decided this must be her mother, since she is standing close and has her hand over her mothers hand.

And, I have decided this must be her mother-in-law, since she is standing some distance away.

Because here she is with, I will guess, her husband.

I have studied these pictures for quite some time, unfortunately it doesn't help in getting information. I have sold all of the photos except the one of her by herself. I am staring at it now and wishing it could tell me -something.

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