Monday, March 15, 2010

Crown Devon Stockholm -An Obsession

I think these are the most beautiful dishes, the creamy white and the deep red.
I knew nothing about these being popular due to a cookbook. I noticed them in a nearby antique shop sometime last year. Each time I went back I would be reminded how much I liked them as they caught my eye. But they were a bit pricey for me, so I just enjoyed them through the glass. So what should I do? Take my husband with me of course. After Christmas, carrying a bit of Christmas money with me, and my husband, we went shopping. We stopped in to check out the dishes, I had told him about them on the way. So, after much discussion, we left with the dishes, my husband contributing what would be my birthday present coming up the next month. I was so excited, thinking I could easily add to them - I found out different. They are very popular and usually only found in the United Kingdom. The original purchase was for two dinner plates, two tea cups with three saucers, nine desert plates, and the cheese-butter dish.
crown devon stockholm

crown devon stockholm  butter dish

crown devon stockholm creamer

crown devon stockholm plate

I have been able to add so far, five smaller plates, one creamer -with a slight chip, and one beautiful covered serving dish. This is one collection that I wouldn't mind if friends and family overwhelmed me with pieces!

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  1. Hello Martha. i too love this pattern . i just found 3 pieces of crown devon Stockholm in a charity shop not far from where i live. i found 2 serving dishes one has no leaping deer just a red band the other one has the leaping deer but they have no lids and are stained and show signs of were on the inside. the other piece is a small oblong plate which is in good condition i think it is a sandwich tray. i payed £1.50 each for the dishes and £1.00 for the plate i am looking for more . Sue.