Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Bunny Doll - Does She Look Like A Rabbit?

I was in my doll phase a few years ago, I was trying to make a rabbit doll for Easter. I don't think I got the head quite right. She does have long ears, but I think I missed on the facial features, please tell me what you think -good or bad!!!

I added the little chick, since it was for Easter.....

I do like her dress, it came from some quilting fabric I had purchased.

I just don't know about the face.
I used a blue fabric for her legs for stockings, and painted on her shoes, with little pearl buttons for fastening.


  1. Oh, I think she is absolutely adorable and definitely looks like a rabbit! I love her :)


  2. She is gorgeous - she seems to be waiting for the Easter Bunny... hoping that he will visit.