Friday, March 12, 2010

Collecting -Owl Bookplate And Owl Inkstand

I found this beautiful owl inkstand in an antique shop not long ago. I just fell in love with the face of the owl on the top of the ink bottle.

owl inkstand

And, recently I found these beautiful bookplates in a wonderful etsy shop -, I just had to have them to go with my inkstand. When I received them they were just what I wanted, and they were packaged so beautifully.

owl bookplate

But I know you have to be careful when you start collecting certain items, number one it's so easy to get carried away in spending, and number two, everyone starts giving you items with the collectible on them. My mother fell in love with pigs many years ago, and my sister went HOG wild, ha, in giving her everything to do with pigs. So, my mother soon lost interest in her pigs and got rid of most. I don't intend to let it be known, I'm loving the owls.

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