Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surprise Engagement!

My oldest son and his girlfriend are currently living in Alaska. He had decided that he was going to give her a ring in January when they came home to visit. His grandmother had given him a ring years ago, so he had me secretly send that to him, he had the diamond reset in a beautiful ring, and sent it back to me. He didn't want to take any chances that she might find it and ruin the surprise. He had recently gotten a fancy new phone and Kara had told him she would like to have one, so he told her he would get her one while they were home, (this is part of the story). He brought home the empty box that his phone came in. While home he put the ring box in the empty phone box and I wrapped it for him. They went out to eat with a group of friends, (she said later, she wondered why he was making a big deal out of giving her a phone). He took the wrapped phone box with him and gave it to her while at the restaurant. I think she was surprised!


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