Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hattie Carnegie Find

Recently I went to an estate sale nearby, and in one of the closets were several ladies hats. I myself am not a hat person, I do not look good in hats, even my children laugh at me. But I saw this cute little black velvet hat. I think it was the stem sticking out of the top. I just had to buy it. So, if you don't have daughters and you don't wear hats -you put it in your etsy shop and hope someone else will appreciate it. I did look up the designer -Hattie Carnegie. She lived from 1889-1956. She started as a milliner and owned a shop in New York called Carnegie -Ladies' Hatter. Later she opened a dress shop on the Upper West Side of New York, then a boutique near current Saks Fifth Avenue. Her dress designs were worn by many famous women, Lucillie Ball modeled for her in her early days. She designed hats, clothing, and colorful costume jewelry.

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