Monday, February 8, 2010

Delineator Patterns

I found some wonderful Butterick, Delineator patterns from the 1920's. I had seen the Delineator magazine before, but I didn't realize the two went together. So I did some research -Ebeneezer Butterick made the first graded sewing pattern in 1863. It seems before that, they were all the same size. Making it difficult for the home sewer to size her pattern. Around 1865 the Butterick family started printing patterns. In 1873 they started publishing the Delineator magazine -originally it was intended to market the Butterick patterns -it quickly grew into a general interest magazine for women. This magazine was published from 1873 until 1937, becoming the premier women's fashion magazine in the U.S.


  1. I recently learned that Humprey Bogart's mother Maud was an art director for the Delineator magazine and did illustrations for the magazine and the dress patterns.

  2. Do you have the Delineator Magazine - 1888 Pattern for a Donkey

    1. Lois, those were the only two patterns that I have run across.