Monday, February 16, 2009

I have always wondered how this lovely coloring book survived without anyone marking in it. How the cover is in such good shape. I know it's old, plus I have had it tucked away for many years. I always wonder, how many people have been in contact with certain items. What stories they could tell. I don' t keep a journal, but I got in the habit many years ago of writing down the things I have done that day. Being an at home mom, I got in the habit when I would get to Friday and wonder, what have I accomplished this week? So, I started writing daily a few things that go on. It does come in handy when you try and remember, when did we do that, or whose house did we visit last Thanksgiving. And I hope my boys will hang on to the many small books I have now, they might not want to read them but maybe my grandchildren will!

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